Bistro Menu

Apple pie with vanilla sauce and whipped cream
Raspberry cheesecake with raspberry coulis
Chocolate truffle cake with caramel sauce Homemade aardbeienvlaaitje with strawberry coulis and whipped cream Rosep Tapas (2 pers.)
Cheese board (1 pers.)
Portion of olives
Portion of Dobben croquette (8 pieces)
Appetizers (10 pieces)

Small dishes (until 17.30 pm)

Tosti ham cheese, toast with ham and cheese, beef salad
Hawaii sandwich, sandwich topped with ham, cheese and fresh pineapple with beef salad
Mushroom toast "anthem", 3 slices of toast with baked Oisterwijkse mushrooms, peppers, onions and sliced ​​boiled ham
Rosep bouncer, invests 3 sandwiches with roast beef, ham and cheese, two fried eggs
and beef salad
Two of Dobben croquettes with white bread
Italian roll Americaine fillet, fillet topped with red onions and Americaine
Serrano ham Italian roll, topped with Serrano ham and melon
Italian roll tuna salad, topped with tuna salad
Carpaccio Italian roll, topped with beef carpaccio, Parmesan cheese and truffle cream
Fricandeau Italian roll, topped with hot roast, mushrooms, onions and bacon
Italian roll "healthy", with ham, cheese, tomato, cucumber and egg
Rosep Club sandwich, topped with smoked chicken, bacon, pork, egg and remoulade sauce

Salads and Soups (until 21:30)

Rosep salad, rich salad with smoked chicken, goat cheese, peaches and olives with a creamy dressing and toast
Grand Rosep hors d'oeuvre, large meat salad garnished with various meats and fish with tartar sauce
Salad Prawns, fresh salad with fried prawns in garlic oil (6) with a tomato-basil sauce
Salad Carpaccio, thinly sliced ​​beef tenderloin with Parmesan cheese enruffelcrème
Vegetarian Mozzarella Salad **, pommedorie with tomato, basil, arugula and marinated olives
Beef Broth
Lobster Soup
Mushroom soup **
Pommedoriesoep **

Main courses (until 21:30)

Fillet steak with pepper sauce, served with fries, salad and mayonnaise
Fried shrimp, fried king prawns in garlic oil (7), creamy pasta served with lobster sauce
Whole lobster salad (± 30 minutes cooking time), with Dutch shrimps and lobster mayonnaise
Rosep burger, served with fries and salad

Ijskaart (until 21:30)

Mango mousse with passion fruit compote
Coupe du Bois, vanilla ice cream, straciatella, walnotenijs with caramel sauce and whipped cream
Coupe strawberries, fresh strawberries with vanilla ice cream, strawberry sauce and whipped cream
Children's ice cream with a surprise

** Vegetarian