Tuna sashimi and fried prawns with wasabi mayonnaise prawn crackers in 16.75

Carpaccio of beef with one of focaccia crostini with salsa
tomato and basil 15.75

Summer salad of poached half lobster with shrimps
and a lobster mayonnaise 19.50

'' '' Ceaser salad fresh salad of smoked chicken corn , lettuce
Parmesan cheese , grilled pancetta and roasted cherry tomatoes 16.00

Assiette of grilled brioche with guacamole , small caprese salad
glass of gazpacho and a fried quail egg ** 17.75

Thinly sliced ​​marinated veal roast beef with an egg roll of crab
and ecrevisse with an Oriental sesame dressing 16.75

Double drawn oxtail broth with tomato and celery 8.75

Italian Pommedoriesoep with basil cream ** 8.75

Creamy corn soup garnished with smoked corn chicken and cilantro 8.75
( also vegetarian order )

Cappuccino of lobster bisque with shrimp croquette and brioche scoop 11.00

Vegetarian **
Half poached lobster on Belgian spinach with Hollandaise sauce 19.50

Fried scallops and prawns with grilled pancetta and a foam olive oil 17.50

Grilled lamb chop with a croquette of oxtail and a sauce of roasted shallot 15.00

Grilled rose veal rib -eye on Mediterranean vegetables and bearnaise sauce 25.50

Fried beef fillet on summer vegetables and a sauce of red port 27.50

Rose fried lamb chops with a mousseline of peas 26.50
and a sauce of roasted shallot

Fried guinea fowl fillet stuffed with Parma ham , tomato and basil 26.00
on a parmesan risotto

Pan fried sea bream fillet with scallops and lobster sauce 25.50

Crispy fried sole with fresh salad and pommes frites 37.50

Baked cod fillet with fried in tempura prawns 26.50
and a white wine sauce

Whole grilled lobster with roasted roseval , green asparagus and chervil sauce 37.50

Ravioli of wild mushrooms with parmesan and truffle foam ** 26.00

Carpaccio of beef with a bombe of veal roast beef with cream of basil
Sliced ​​duck farm on caramelised chicory and red port sauce
Mousse with peach parfait of Licor 43 and a vanilla syrup
34.50 per head
Wine pairing 19.50 per person

Creation of sashimi tuna, rose of smoked salmon and a kibbeling cod with saffron mayonnaise
Creamy lobster soup garnished with crayfish and a brioche scoop
Rose baked veal with a croquette of slow cooked veal cheek and shiitake with a mousseline of parsnip and truffle sauce
Lasagne of dark chocolate and Hague hopjes with hazelnut cream
41.50 per head
Wine pairing 24.50 per person

Culinary six-course dinner with matching wines
80.00 per head