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Booking your hotel or package directly on our website has many advantages:

You will not find a better price No reservation or administration
Easy and quick booking Safe & secure
View or cancel reservation online is possible

What does the Best Price Guarantee for you?
When you press the time of booking a hotel room or a lower price for the same package to find another publicly accessible website, you are entitled to this award.This entails a number of lines connected:

Best Price Guarantee applies only if it is not one of the following tariffs:
Not publicly available rates
Negotiated price agreements with businesses
Rates available at group rates and travel agents
Any other price agreement that the estate has Rosep with a specific party, which are not publicly accessible.
The warranty does not apply if price fluctuations are caused by rounding errors, fluctuations and / or differences in the exchange rate.
The warranty does not apply to websites that sell travel compound containing eg airline tickets, car rentals, entertainment, etc. One example is Expedia.
The warranty applies only when the conditions are right, under certain conditions would include;

The cancellation policy does not apply to the Non Refundable Rates **

Arrival time of booking Departure date Number of people Number of rooms Package includes room type Payment Terms Cancellation Policy Currency Suppose I find a lower price, what should I do?

We ask you a screen print (copy of the page) and immediately make contact with the estate The Rosep to record. Our staff looks directly with you to determine whether the Best Price Guarantee applies.
If so, we offer you the lowest price found immediately and you will receive an upgrade to a more luxurious type of room if this room is still available.

The Rosep estate and Mansion Hotel Bos & Ven is not responsible for any fines or other expenses that may result in cancellation of reservations or errors in the publication of third parties. Also rounding differences in the price published by third parties are not under the control

The estate Rosep reserves the right to change this warranty at any time to modify or withdraw without giving reasons.

Oisterwijk, 2014

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