Luxury gift of The RosepLandgoed De Rosep has something to celebrate!

25 years ago decided to Henk Verhoeven new give life to a dilapidated hotel in the beautiful Oisterwijkse forests. After a quarter century of decorating and modernise, shines The Rosep now as never before.

Everyone feels welcome in our tasteful and hospitable hotel. The Rosep is loved by football clubs, educational institutions, business and many restaurant-and hotel visitors. All our guests are pampered like gourmet. Chef Mark Vugts and his team prepare always with much love their varied and playful dinners.

Voucher full surprise of course let's our guests enjoy our anniversary. Therefore We share luxury gifts. You will come to our à la carte dining, than we have for you a table per after-dinner surprise. Our dinner guests may select a festively voucher. This voucher relates to one of our products or services. Think of a romantic dinner, a delicious hotel overnight, an adventurous wine arrangement, a professional massage treatment or a bottle of wine.
What it is? You know that if you come with us.

Our hostesses and hosts rejoice to give you a delicious culinary evening. And we want to at least 25 years continue to do so.